Helix-D EstablishS The New Benchmark For 21st Century Skincare:

Our US-based Helix-D team collaborated with scientists and labs around the world to create a revolutionary skincare product that defines the standard for 21st century skincare. With a patented delivery system and state-of-the-art ingredients, Helix-D radically advances the art and science of correcting visible skin imperfections caused by aging and sun damage.  Helix-D truly is "The Science of Beauty."

Helix-D Why It Works:

According to a recent report in Consumer Reports, conventional anti-aging products are limited by three factors: failure to maintain ingredient potency, failure to penetrate the skin, and failure to deliver actives to target areas.  Helix-D was specifically designed to overcome these three issues:

    1- Ingredient Potency:  Individual active ingredients may be proven to provide impressive results; however, when these active ingredients are combined with other ingredients to create a cream, serum, or any other product, they lose their potency over time.  In fact, Consumer Reports found that even in as little as 30 days after manufacture, active ingredients can lose 65% of their potency.

Helix-D addresses the problem of ingredient potency with its ground-breaking dual liposome technology. Helix-D encases its key active ingredients in a dual liposome to maintain the full potency of its actives until they come in contact with the skin. Tests prove the difference.  When tested after 3 months, dual liposomes were proven to keep Helix-D actives at full strength--over 155% stronger than the same actives in a cream.


    2- Skin Penetration: Major brands tout the newest active ingredient as the key to their product's results; however, the problem is that active ingredients don't work if they can't penetrate the skin. According to Consumer Reports, conventional active carriers only act on the surface of the skin. Very few can get beyond the stratum corneum--the skin's outer protective layer.

The Helix-D delivery system uses a low polarity binding agent that allows the liposome packets with the active ingredients to slip through the stratum corneum and pass into the deep layers of the skin. Tests show that the actives in Helix-D penetrate the skin better than the same actives in a conventional cream.


    3- Delivery of Actives to Target Areas:  The third downfall of conventional anti-aging products is failure to deliver actives to target areas.  Active ingredients must be delivered to damaged cells where they are needed to reverse the signs of aging. The delivery system is key.

The Helix-D delivery system uses the same technology pharmaceutical companies use to provide time-release delivery. Helix-D releases the actives in multiple stages, exactly where they are needed to effectively treat your skin.

Helix-D technology redefines consumer expectations, raising the bar on benefits that are possible from a skincare product. Helix-D is a unique, scientific, and elegant product with clinically-proven active ingredients.


Helix-D Technology:

Skincare innovation formerly focused on ingredients, but of course, no matter how many new active ingredients a product has, if those ingredients fail to penetrate below the skin's surface, they produce few, if any, anti-aging benefits.

Helix-D introduces a groundbreaking delivery system. Helix-D technology magnifies the power of its active ingredients by delivering a higher concentration of these actives exactly where they are needed to improve the look of aging and damaged skin.

Helix-D contains all top ingredients you'd expect from a prestige skin care brand, including peptides, antioxidants, and hydrators, but with this innovative difference: our actives are married to Helix-D's advanced delivery technologies.

Helix-D has truly mastered the science of innovation and created a product for today with tomorrow's technology.





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